Since his divorce with reality television star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian in November 2022, Kanye West (legally known as Ye) has set his eyes on a new belle. Bianca Censori is said to have captured Ye’s attention and his heart. Fans are speculating that the two (West and Bianca Censori) are already married to each other. Censori seems to shy away from the spotlight and prefer a bit of privacy, which has peaked some fan’s interest. TMZ reported in January that the couple made it official but there has been speculation from the public. Check out everything we know about the bride of Ye.

Who Is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori 29-years-old born on January 5, 1995 is an Australian Architect from Melbourne who has been working with Kanye’s brand, Yeezy, since November 2020. Due to the romantic relationship of the pair being publicly scrutinized, Censori has opted to deactivate her once lively Instagram account to preserve her privacy. Although her account was reactivated in the summer of 2023, the social media disappearance left the public even more curious.

What Does Bianca Censori Do?

Censori has worked as an architectural designer and model for years but moved from Melbourne, Australia to the United States in November of 2020 to work as the architectural designer of Ye’s fashion label. While serving as the head of architecture at Ye’s multi-million dollar company, Censori continues to manage her own jewelry line, Nylons, which she started after high school and reimagines classic pieces. Before her association with Yeezy, Censori was a student architect at DP Toscano Architects and a design consultant at Kelektic.  

Where Did Bianca Censori Go to College?

Bianca Censori went to college at the University of Melbourne. There in Australia she studied Architecture and obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the subject. Since attending college, Censori has become a majorly successful entrepreneur and taken on high profile projects. Since she recently graduated with her college degrees in 2017 and 2020 (respectively), Censori is considered a rising star that worked to establish herself as an influential figure in her field, even before working with Kanye.

How Much is Bianca Censori Worth?

Censori’s net worth is estimated to be around one million dollars with an estimate of her net worth being three million this year. This net worth seems to be a significant amount, but due to her age and relatively short career, it really is only a start for Ye’s new wife. In comparison to Ye, whose net worth is closer to around $500 million and is due to his successful music and clothing brand career, Censori does not compare. Fans are sure Censori will put her entrepreneurial spirit to work and accumulate a higher net worth with Ye by her side.

When Did The Couple Meet? 

They are thought to have met before December 2022, since West released the song “Censori Overload” around that time. Bianca is rumored to be about 20 years younger than Ye based on an article she did for iD in 2016 where her age was stated as 21. 

Kim Kardashian has yet to make a public statement about the new couple. After an intense divorce with the father of her four children, Kardashian has been quite cryptic concerning her thoughts on the new relationship. As a result, the rumored married couple have been unbothered by the public’s speculation and seem to be living their lives apart from the buzz.