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When asked about entertainers from the Motor City, Diana Ross and the Temptations automatically come to mind. When asked about rappers, Big Sean and Eminem are at the forefront. But one up-and-coming lyricist in the rap game that is surely building a name for herself and who also happens to be a Detroit native is Kash Doll. Kash Doll, known for being featured on Big Sean's 2017 hit, "So Good" and for winning a BET Social Award in 2018, most recently dropped her debut album Stacked, but she was making moves long before this. With over 3 million Instagram followers, Kash Doll has utilized social media in a way that's reminiscent of the early 2000's Myspace and YouTube days, when artists like Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne changed the way artists released music by gaining fame from these social networks.

In the past year or so, we've seen a wave of female artists from a myriad of backgrounds sweep the hip-hop scene, and this is fabulous. Kash Doll's story is different from the aforementioned women because she didn't have the push of a heavily syndicated reality show and couldn't even release original music for almost three years. Her ability  to construct a brand of such effulgence is thanks to the resilience that she has — which can motivate us all in some way.

When I first got wind of Kash Doll, I was instantly hooked. Most people were probably offended by her gasconade lyrics, but I was enchanted by this incredible woman from my hometown who, excuse my language, talked her s**t. Her quirky quips and braggadocious persona weren’t just amusing, but they spoke to me on a deeper level. Kash Doll, in my opinion, represents someone who knows that she is this fabulous, otherworldly creature, and if you tell her otherwise, it won’t diminish her at all — she will grow from it. Her music inspires everyone to level up in some way, whether you have $20 or $20 million in your bank account.

I’d like to believe that I relate to Kash Doll’s lyricism and matchless attitude so much because, coming from the same city, she reminds me of the women in my life. From my older cousins to the girls down the street, she is Detroit. The diamonds, the furs and the glamour that she exudes is reminiscent of the golden age of Detroit, and I believe it is resurfacing largely in thanks to her. In all honesty, I probably would still be a fan if Kash Doll was only capable of spitting spicy one-liners and embodying this glitzy persona, but there is something to be said about an artist who can empower people to be their very best selves through example. If you’re looking for a crash course on resilience, put the Brene Brown books down and ask Siri to find you the nearest Kash Doll song.

In December of 2015, after releasing her first official mixtape on music-streaming networks, her former label took all of the music down from streaming sites and she was unable to release original music for two years. I’m unsure if this dispirited Kash Doll, but it seems like it incited some ambition within her to still go as hard as she came. In the summer of 2016, she unleashed a blazing mixtape of her renditions or remixes to popular songs like “Upgrade U,” “Panda” and more. Kash Doll was showing the world that there might be times on your journey in life where you are seemingly facing some sort of blockade, and the only way around it is to find a route different than the one you were originally going to utilize. Per her contract, she couldn’t release original music, but nothing could stop her from creating dope ass remixes. The mixtape was met with critical acclaim from fans everywhere and even got the attention of Drake.

Ahead of his “Summer Sixteen” tour stop in Detroit, Drake asked Kash Doll — via her Instagram DMs — to open up for him on his stop at Detroit. Now, I want you to use your imagination for a few moments and bare with me. Imagine being told that you cannot release original music and one of the biggest celebrities in the world personally asks you to open up for him in your hometown on his world tour? If that wasn’t representative of the fruits of resilience and prayer, then I’m not sure what is. With 2016 shaping up to be as well-rounded as it was, it’s no surprise that 2017 held a few positive deliverables as well for her budding career.

This year was (pun fully intended) “for everybody.” For years, romantic relationships have been invaded by “side chicks” or women who play second fiddle to the “main” girlfriend and Kash Doll took it upon herself to capitalize on this phenomenon. Taking inspiration from the classic film, Belly, Kash Doll created, “For Everybody,” a music video where she acted as the side chick and the main girlfriend arguing with one another about who deserves the top spot in the man’s life. Yes, you heard right — she was arguing with herself. This music video garnered much attention from fellow celebrities and fans alike, praising Kash Doll for constructing such a relatable and ingenious concept. This video currently has over 30 million views. As if that wasn’t a major win for Kash Doll, her chart-topping hit with Big Sean was without a doubt, monumental.

Now, I could go on and on about the Femcee’s career, but until I’m able to get a coin for biographing my Detroit sister’s career, I’ll let you do your own research. It’s now 2019 and Kash Doll has released her highly-anticipated album, Stacked. I am so proud! I’d like to consider myself a "day-one fan," so for me to see one of my idols truly walking into her purpose and accepting the blessings that she has worked tirelessly for, it feels, as Kash Doll herself would say, “so amazin'.”

Have you ever had a moment when you looked at someone you admired and just stared in awe? You know, because you were able to see them weather through the turbulent times and reach a breakthrough that can only be ordained by the most high? That’s how I feel these days when I see KD doing interviews, slaying red carpets and being able to gush about her art.

Boasting about the exotic furs and vehicles she has on any given day is no news to her fans, but the ironclad deal that theoretically should have ruined her career might be unknown to most. It was just five years ago when Kash Doll stomped onto the Detroit music scene with her remix to Tinashe’s hit song, “2 On.” Now five years later, she’s sauntering across our television screens, delivering fierce rhymes and looks on TV shows like The Real. She may have started out on local radio stations in the Motor City, but a hit song with Big Sean, a whole lot of furs and 20 plus million views later, the Doll, as she is affectionately known by her fans, has cemented her name in the rap game as a prolific storyteller, and is here for the long haul.

Kash Doll took a negative situation and spun it into a lucrative launchpad to what is sure to become a career of longevity. The Detroit raptress consistently shows us that we all have an inner boss, and it’s up to us to channel that inner boss and achieve our dreams no matter what barriers we face. I’m rooting for her to win and you should, too.