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Kiki, Did You Pay Me? Shiggy Hilariously Tells Drake To Run Him His Coins

Shiggy trying to secure the bag!

Started from an interpretative dance, now we here. Shiggy's "In My Feelings" Challenge, also known as the #ShiggyChallenge, took the world by storm. The challenge, of course, is set to Drake's "In my Feelings," and it's safe to say it had a significant impact on the single reaching the top of the charts. Viral marketing FTW! 

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

Many fans wondered when Shiggy would finally meet Drake. Folks also questioned if Shiggy would secure the bag for his alley-oop. 

Like with any happening involving a famous person, rumors began to swirl. The word around town was Drake paid Shiggy $250,000 to thank him for his contribution. Shiggy addressed those rumors himself on IG Live:

After clarifying the rumors and making it clear he has not received a quarter of a million dollars from Drake, Shiggy decided to go even further. He directly addressed the rapper about his coins when the two met:

Drake started to fumble in the video, trying to explain that wire transfers usually take seven to 10 business days, but Shiggy wasn't having it! I SAID HE WILL NOT HAVE IT! 

Shiggy told him, "You either gotta give me that $250,000+, ASAP or you gotta let that rumor go away!"

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

We still don't know if the check cleared, but that video was certainly entertaining! 

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