Kiki, Did You Pay Me? Shiggy Hilariously Tells Drake To Run Him His Coins

Shiggy trying to secure the bag!

Photo Credit: Photo: theshiggyshow / Instagram

| July 25 2018,

4:53 pm

Started from an interpretative dance, now we here. Shiggy's "In My Feelings" Challenge, also known as the #ShiggyChallenge, took the world by storm. The challenge, of course, is set to Drake's "In my Feelings," and it's safe to say it had a significant impact on the single reaching the top of the charts. Viral marketing FTW! 

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Many fans wondered when Shiggy would finally meet Drake. Folks also questioned if Shiggy would secure the bag for his alley-oop. 

Like with any happening involving a famous person, rumors began to swirl. The word around town was Drake paid Shiggy $250,000 to thank him for his contribution. Shiggy addressed those rumors himself on IG Live:

After clarifying the rumors and making it clear he has not received a quarter of a million dollars from Drake, Shiggy decided to go even further. He directly addressed the rapper about his coins when the two met:


Drake started to fumble in the video, trying to explain that wire transfers usually take seven to 10 business days, but Shiggy wasn't having it! I SAID HE WILL NOT HAVE IT! 

Shiggy told him, "You either gotta give me that $250,000+, ASAP or you gotta let that rumor go away!"

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We still don't know if the check cleared, but that video was certainly entertaining! 

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