T.I. and Tiny’s son, King Harris, opened up about his living situation while featured on his family’s reality TV show. The 19-year-old said the show didn’t portray his reality, as he lived at his grandmother’s house then.

“What do you feel like they got on you that they shouldn’t have on you?” Funny Marco asked Harris during an episode of Open Thoughts. “‘Cause I feel like with them probably seeing you grow up, they just got like you can’t be you.”

After taking a sip of water, Harris replied, “It’s a lot about that TV show that got people confused because I lived with my grandma, you know — we’ll go to the house on like a weekend.”

Harris added that he would only visit his parent’s house to shoot episodes of the TV show.

“They’ll say, ‘Hey, we shooting today we need y’all at the house,’” he added. “They’ll come get me from my grandma’s house, and right after we done, when them cameras go off, I’m right back at my grandma house.”

Harris and his five siblings grew up in front of cameras as part of the VH1 reality TV series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. The show first aired in 2011 and ran for six seasons. It is presented as giving viewers an “intimate look into the domestic lives” of T.I. and Tiny as they work together to “navigate parenthood and their careers,” according to VH1.

Last March, Harris’ sister, Zonnique Pullins, opened up about her mother, Tiny, not being as present as she would have liked in her childhood.

“I would say what hurt me is honestly my mom being with TIP all the time. Like even now, today, that’s how it is. They’re just tied to the hip,” she said in an interview. “It’s like they’d rather go places with each other, so any time she gotta go, he gotta go.”

“I don’t hold that against her that she was on the road and doing all those things. I guess I would have liked to have those mommy-daughter moments, but honestly, now that I’m a mom, I guess that’s what I would have wanted with my daughter,” she added.