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There’s this show on Netflix, called Love Is Blind, that has seemingly gotten our attention in the same way the Tamagotchi did in the ‘90s and the Popeyes chicken sandwich in 2019! With every scroll on my social media, I saw Love Is Blind littered across my timeline.

“Messica needs to be put in a padded room!” said one friend. Another spoke about the general boredom they felt between the excessively wholesome nature of Kelly and Kenny. But the one couple we unanimously are rooting for, due to their overall sense of sanity and undeniable love at first chat, is Lauren and Cameron.

The premise of the show is that men and women go on dates inside of isolated “pods.” While the experiment is in effect, they will not have access to their cell phones or be able to communicate with the outside world. Each individual, while able to mingle and chat with the same sex, will not be able to see the person of the opposite sex until after choosing and proposing to them. After their proposals, the couples are whisked away to, for all general purposes, was their honeymoon before the wedding. During that time, they have an opportunity to really get to know the person they chose on a deeper level mentally and, if they choose, physically.

After their week in paradise, they then meet each other's families, are reconnected to their phones and the outside world, and quickly move in with one another. Once this occurs, they then separate and meet once again — at the altar on their wedding day! Keep in mind this total process happens within about six weeks total. In short, this show is the “binge-worthiest” of Netflix gold.

When Lauren and Cameron chat in the pods, it’s clear that destiny is being played out in blind sight. By the fourth “date” Lauren tells Cameron, “I think I love you”. This news brings the beautifully emotional Cameron to tears and he returns the sentiment. We get to witness their relationship from the pod, to pod proposal, then their first physical meeting. When the two meet face-to-face, we also witness that race is not at all an initial factor for this beaming couple. (Lauren is Black and Cameron is white.)

Well, it’s not a factor until they go home.

When Lauren and Cameron return home, they are faced with questions from friends and family, who both, while largely supportive, have questions about the speed of the union. We also see a very honest portrayal of a Black father hesitantly offering his blessing to a white man he has no familiarity with, a white man who is not only a stranger, but has plans to marry his daughter in mere weeks.

Upon their meeting, Lauren excuses herself and allows the men to talk, asking her father to please be nice. Her father’s assertion in questions to Cameron is a complete display of love and I was 100% here for it. By the time the conversation ended, his father offered his tentative support making it clear that Lauren is his priority and that he is willing to continue getting to know Cameron based on his daughter’s trust in his character.

So, why are we all rooting for Lauren and Cameron? Here’s why:

1. Lauren Was Willing To Take A Faithful Leap

Lauren was good all by herself. She had a successful career; she had her own place and was paying her bills on time. She didn’t need a man to complete her. She was, however, aware of her desire to have a husband in the future. She, like many Black and brown women, was tried and tested by, what is now, a limited pool of single Black men. And when it comes to the pool of Black men being ready for marriage, that’s about a puddle.

She stated that this was her first time ever dating a white man, which would naturally bring about some concerns. Not only was she taking a chance in dating Cameron, but she took a leap in marrying a man who doesn’t have her background or her skin tone or, most importantly, life experiences. He does, however, have her moral grounds, a great heart and made it clear that he was willing to catch her if she was willing to test her wings.

2. Cameron Is All That!

Regardless of the color of his skin, let’s not even pretend for a moment this man is not fine, educated and ready! On top of that, he’s not new to the swirl and has openly dated black women in the past. He was even in a rap group in college. (This gets him no extra points, but it does offer his understanding of the culture.) Of most importance, he is all about — let me say that again — all about loving Lauren. He, like Lauren, comes from a solid family and he wants to continue this with Lauren as a permanent part of his life. Did you hear him tell her “I will always take care of you”?

I would be remiss to not mention that he is stable — he has his own home he had the foresight to prepare for his future wife. (Ladies and gents, I present a man with a plan.) He also exercises empathy, perfected listening skills and is emotionally available.

Dear Cameron, the scientist, please duplicate yourself.


3. They Have Great Support Systems

Not only are Lauren and Cameron operating (within self) on what is a clear, healthy level of sanity, so are all the people around them. Their tribe is tight and truly interested in the wellbeing of both as individuals and now as a couple. I am known to shed a tear nowadays, but when Lauren’s daddy saw her on her wedding day and shared such a sentimental moment, I bawled. I legit had to press pause and just have a moment.

Seeing both of them have the immediate support of their families during the dating process, wedding and reception was a great reminder of how important it is to have people behind you that support you wholly.

4. They Are A Good Looking Couple And An Example To All Of Us!

Listen, I am pro-Black and there’s no questioning that! I wholeheartedly support Black men. I know why the caged bird sings. I am overly familiar with the burn of both a fire red hot comb and the creamy white sizzle of relaxer goop. Family reunions on the family farm, nestled neatly in the heat of summer? I do it annually. Tossing jacks, playing spades and double dutch? I’m a cul-de-sac champion! The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill? I know the album, along with the interludes, front to back. Religiously participating in seven different ministries as a child in church and eventually going on to graduate from the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University? Done and done and done and done.

I am a Black woman through and through and I am overflowing with pride about this honor God himself bestowed upon me.

Now, that being said, if I met a white man who treated me the way Cameron treats Lauren, while I might think twice (mostly considering the opinions of family and friends), I wouldn’t think thrice about committing to him.

I often think about how many people might be happily married if we all got away from the opinions of family and society as well as antiquated standards we have placed on ourselves. No, I’m not suggesting this is an easy concept, but I do believe it would be worthwhile. We have seen it work with women of color pursuing their happily ever after, with examples like Eve the rapper; Loni Love, host of The Real; along with Jeannie Mai and Tamera Housley, to name a few. And now we are rooting for Lauren.

There will always be a person in the back with the ongoing sentiment of “she gave up on Black men” — and that is a bold-faced lie. Mute all of that noise. We haven’t given up on Black men at all. We have given in to the possibility of true love, regardless of what color package it comes in.