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Lebron James Beat The Toronto Raptors As Drake Sat Courtside So, Of Course, The Internet Dropped 'Bron's Plan' Parodies

Or is it the #Lebronto Raptors?

Drake’s favorite basketball team, the Toronto Raptors, got spanked by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday night, and as usual, the internet got jokes.

After the loss, a few basketball fans remixed “God’s Plan,” renaming it “Bron’s Plan” to poke fun at Drizzy and the Raptors, who currently have a dismal 0-3 record against the Cavs in the Eastern semifinals.

Others went to Twitter to roast the "Nice For What" rapper, and they were ruthless: 

Even James' 13-year-old son got in on the fun by playfully sparring with Drake on Instagram:

We hope tonight's game goes better for Drake and his Raptors because the internet shows no mercy. 

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