LeBron James showed some love to the black women dominating September’s magazine covers, and per usual, white folks are saltier than the Dead Sea.

James used two Instagram posts to highlight the groundbreaking magazine covers and applauded women like Beyoncé, Lupita Nyong'o and Tiffany Haddish for being role models:

Instead of basking in the positivity, his comment section was flooded with white tears.

“Nothing is more powerful than colored women? I see no white women in there so white is not color; therefore, white women are not as empowering? The color of skin decides who is more empowering and not the actions? Hmmm...very interesting post! I personally don't give a s**t cuz it doesn't refer to me, but I bet many white women be pissed! You praise a bunch and forget about the other bunch...aren't y'all fighting for equality for everyone or only your kind?” wrote one commenter.

“Maybe because you’re an athlete, you have a natural tendency to turn things into a competition. But where you start f**king up is when you start bringing that mindset into race. All WOMEN ARE POWERFUL. Asian, Hispanic, black, white, Indian; it doesn’t f**king matter. We need to start watching how we promote racial equality as a whole while inadvertently undermining others,” wrote another.

“This is racism…..what if a white person captioned a picture of a white woman and said nothing more powerful than a white woman? Is that now racist?” said yet another.

“Imagine if someone said ‘white women are the most powerful,’ people would lose their mind,” whined one more.

“So basically, he’s implying that women of color are superior or ‘more powerful’ than others. Hmmmmm…To imply that someone is superior or more powerful because of the colour of their skin is racist. If somebody said the same about white women, people would be going crazy,” said another person in need of a hobby.

There are hundreds more like this, but you get the idea.

Thankfully, some folks had sense.

“CELEBRATING something that is constantly painted as negative, bitter, rude, aggressive, etc. is not racist. Black women have suffered through SOOOOO much in their time on this earth much more than many other races. So it’s nice to see them in a positive light and giving them acknowledgment,” wrote a commenter.

“Here go the white people with the all lives matter BS. Can a man talk about women of color without the mention of non-people of color? If you have a problem with it, go make your own post. And title it all women matter. You look bitter, ignorant and racist!”

“He said what he said #period....black women are powerful; we are survivors; we are the ones who have to pick up the pieces and continue our lives as white people continue to try to eliminate us....we are the ones who have to make it through every day with a smile and grace even though our insides are burning with anger knowing that we are looked at and treated as less than....do not try to make this about you when it is about us; we are celebrating us....Black women are POWERFUL.”

“Why are people in their feels about this? It feels great to be represented. Makes me, a black woman, feel powerful. I think that’s a win for everyone.”

Meanwhile, some folks applauded him for including Dominique Jackson, Mj Rodriguez and Indya Moore, the trans actresses who star on Pose.

LeBron James hasn’t responded directly to any of this hoopla, but his Instagram story says it all.

They sure are.

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