Lennie James may not be a household name (yet – especially here in the USA), but the man stays employed, both here in the USA, and in the UK; plus he's very good at what he does, so you should know him and his work.

Add another project to his slate of upcoming roles, as James is has signed up to co-star opposite Mark Strong in an AMC drama pilot titled Low Winter Sun.

Ernest Dickerson, a name that you're all likely more familiar with, is in talks to direct, from a script written by Chris Mundy, who's also the executive producer on the project, said to be based on the dark 2006 British crime drama miniseries of the same name.

What's can we expect here? The series will reportedly center on…

… a district attorney who, when new edvidence comes to light years after the fact, reopens a high-profile murder case involving white defendants and black victims.

The show is expected to especially emphasize its racial themes.

Lennie James will play a character named Joe, who is described as "part cop, part perp" to Mark Strong's corrupt detective Frank, who murders his partner, thinks he's committed the perfect crime, but in reality, not quite so. And then shit hits the fan!

You can catch Lenni James next as a former heroin addict trying to stay clean and rebuild his life, in a gritty new Channel 4 (UK) 4-part drama series titled Run.

He recently starred in the new BBC drama series, Line Of Duty, and may be returning to AMC's The Walking Dead in the fall.