If you’re like us, you’ve probably been in your feels over the last few days since the series finale of Insecure aired. Many of us have come to love the iconic characters of the hit HBO series as we saw characters who not only embodied the complexities of Blackness but us, ourselves.

For the past five years, we witnessed Issa Rae, the series’ creator and lead actress, mold this series into a platform where we could all see our triumphs and struggles through characters who look, act and talk like us. Not only is that a rarity in the media landscape, it’s a gift that will keep on giving. While this certainly feels like a death in the family since we’ve collectively gone through our own life’s trials and tribulations alongside the characters, it’s a moment of celebration. We were able to witness these characters find the happiness that they deserve and have worked toward, and it shows us that we are deserving of that same glory. From Molly finally exchanging vows with the love of her life to Issa and Lawrence blossoming into the unit that they’ve been through hell and back for, this is a momentous occasion.

In honor of Insecure concluding its run on a high note, here are seven lessons we’ve learned along the way.