No doubt that
Oprah Winfrey, aside from looking for
a new victim to save, was certain that OWN’s
new and much hyped reality show, Lindsay, on the daily trials and tribulations
of D-lister Lindsey Lohan, which premiered last Sunday night, was going
to be a smash hit for her network.

Well, it turns
out that it wasn’t such a smash after all. Not a total loss, mind you, but
still a disappointment.

While the show did have the best premiere for any reality
show so far in 2014 (but remember it’s only March), the first episode pulled in only 693,000 viewers. Compare that to the
almost 1.5 million total viewers that Oprah’s interview with Lohan got back
last summer.

And compared to
other OWN shows, the Lindsay premiere came in third behind Iyanla: Fix My Life and Life
with La Toya

The good
news is that, when adding in the numbers for Lindsay, OWN did have its best numbers
in the last month and half.