Mendeecees Harris shared a shocking story on the last episode of Club Shay Shay.

Pro football Hall of Famer-turned-host Shannon Sharpe had the Love & Hip Hop star on as a guest. During his interview, Harris spoke openly about his life before reality television in the streets as a drug dealer. 

The 44-year-old recalled how he got into drug dealing and other regretful decisions. He detailed how he would often put his mother in danger. He left the host stunned, revealing the time he used his mother as collateral, giving her location to a drug connect to get access to large amounts of cocaine. 

“But, I got some crazy stories about…you know,” he said. “I remember one time I was dealing with a connect, and this gonna sound horrible, but I put my mom up for collateral.” 

He continued, “I was getting a bunch of keys, and they was like, ‘Well, you gotta show me where your mom live at, ’cause if you run off on this, we can’t afford for you to run off.’ And I was like, I didn’t have no intentions of running off, so I was like, ‘All right I’ll show you.’ And I took ’em. And she had no idea, and I took ’em.” 

The former entertainer manager claimed that because he didn’t plan on “running off on the plug,” he didn’t consider using his mother as a bad thing.

“I think at that point I had good in my heart to do good business, so I didn’t think that far,” he admitted. “I never even told nobody that. When I look back at the decisions I made now, I be like, ‘I can’t believe I’m still here.’”

Sharpe asked him if that was the worst thing he had done while in the drug business, and he replied, “one of them.”

During the interview, Harris also provided the scary details of being shot twice, stabbed 13 times, and having his oldest son, Mendeecess Jr., targeted in a kidnapping.

Harris attributed all of these occurrences as reasons he finally left the street life and began to find a way out.

Harris may have eventually found a way out of the drug business, but it followed up.

According to Vibe, in 2016, Harris began an eight-year prison bid for drug trafficking. Harris was released in 2020 after serving half his time.