National Rifle Association President Carolyn Meadows said Rep. Lucy McBath won her 2018 race not based on her views but on her race.

In the race for Congress, McBath was elected to Georgia's 6th Congressional District after Republican Rep. Karen Handel conceded. McBath led an anti-gun campaign, drawing from her own experience on the issue. 

Her 17-year-old son, Jordan Davis, was murdered in 2012 after a white man shot into a car he was in, with other teenagers. The man claimed the teenagers were playing loud music and used the NRA' s Stand Your Ground defense as part of his reasoning. After a jury at the first trial couldn't come to a conclusion, a second trial resulted in a first-degree murder conviction for Davis's killer and life sentence in prison.

McBath has been an avid speaker for more gun laws in Congress and this has made her a target for the NRA. 

“There will be more than one person in the race, [and] we'll get that seat back,” Meadows said. “But it is wrong to say, like McBath said, that the reason she won was because of her anti-gun stance. That didn't have anything to do with it — it had to do with being a minority female. And the Democrats really turned out, and that's the problem we have with conservatives: we don't turn out as well.”

Meadows comments, published May 5 in the Marietta Daily Journal, comes less than one week into her tenure as the NRA President, after being elected on April 29. Meadows also ensured the support of the NRA to anyone who would run against McBath. Monday, the congresswoman issued a response on Twitter. 

"My work on gun violence, healthcare, and many other issues is just starting." McBath tweeted. "And yes, as a woman of color, I am proud to be part of the most diverse class in American history. My experiences drive the work I am doing for my constituents. And nobody can take that away from me."

Handel has announced she will be running again in 2020.

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