Brittany Bowens, the mother of missing four-year-old Maleah Davis, was hounded by angry protesters as she left a courtroom on Monday.

Bowens was at a Houston courthouse on Monday for a hearing for ex-fiancé Derion Vence, who was charged with tampering with Davis’ corpse, reports Chron. The hearing was rescheduled for a later date. Vence was charged after investigators began to notice inconsistencies in his story. A neighbor’s surveillance camera showed Vence walking into the family’s home with Davis and leaving without her. He was also spotted with a large bottle of bleach and garbage bag as he left.

As Blavity previously reported, cadaver dogs detected the “scent of decomposition” in the car Vence was driving when the toddler disappeared. Forensic evidence was also found in the apartment. Davis remains missing.

As Bowens exited the courthouse, she was confronted by a mob of people who accused her of being complicit in her daughter’s disappearance. Bowens allegedly cancelled the couple’s engagement before leaving town to attend her father’s funeral. On Friday, activist Quanell X, who is acting as Bowens’ spokesman, admitted she suspected Vence was molesting her daughter, reports KTRK.

"She told him she was giving back his ring and that she was not going to marry him. I believe that caused him to snap in anger," Quanell said. "There is a reason to believe, based on what I know now, there's issues of him possibly molesting young Maleah."

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The protestors had those accusations on their mind.

One critic said Bowens “let it happen.” Another asked "Why isn't she locked up?"

The mob also chanted “Justice for Maleah!”

Tamisha Mendoza, a cousin of Davis’ biological father Craig Davis, is also questioning Bowens.

"You said you had suspicions that he was molesting her, why did you stay?" said Mendoza. "Why didn't you remove yourself from the situation? Furthermore, why didn't you remove her, even if you didn't want to leave that situation? You could have sent her to her dad. You could have sent her to her grandparents. You could have sent her anywhere except for leaving her there."

Meanwhile, Craig wants Vence to explain himself.

"I'm not putting the blame on anybody," Craig said. "I just need the questions that aren't answered to be answered. There are so many unanswered questions. It's not for the public to answer to them for me. It's not for the police to answer them for me. It's not for the news to answer them for me. It's for Darion to answer for me."

Maleah remains missing. Vence currently in police custody and may not appear in front of a judge until July, according to KHOU. A judge initially set his bond at $1 million but it was later reduced to $45K based on the charges.

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