Megan Thee Stallion partnered with Jamaican star Shenseea to release a mouthwatering new music video titled Lick. The scintillating production takes place in a fantasy world where an assortment of ice cream, candy and flavors casually float in the atmosphere. While they are surrounded by melting popsicles and various types of irresistible treats, the artists and their dancers perform suggestive maneuvers on the candy-colored stage. 

"Put your back in it," Shenseea sings while twerking with her half-naked body and seducing viewers with her tongue.  

With her legs wide open and her lady parts only covered with appetizing sweets, the Jamaican star invites anyone who dares to fulfill her wishes. She also illustrates her sexual demands clearly, making it easy to understand that she does not accept anything mediocre when it comes to passion. 

“Lick it well fast, but not too much/ Big swing like from a sippy cup,” she sings.