Tons of women love them some Michael B. Jordan, and a recent Instagram post by the Fahrenheit 451 actor indicates that when it comes to black women in particular, the feeling is mutual — but not everyone is convinced.

On Tuesday, May 15, Jordan expressed his love for black women to his nearly 6.5 million Instagram followers by posting the music video for rapper Nick Grant's latest single "Black Woman" which pays homage to the cocoa butter and honey-fused goddesses. 

My bruh @nickgrantmusic w/ that new heat ????????????????#blackwoman

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"My bruh @nickgrantmusic w/ that new heat #blackwoman," Jordan wrote in his caption. 

While you would think the post would be met with the same energy, surprisingly it was not. Many began to question whether Michael B. Jordan even romantically involves himself with the women he is praising. 

“[Where] is your lame girl Ashtray? Nah don’t be making $$ off of us,” someone wrote referencing reports that tied the actor to model Ashlyn Castro. "We already know you like dating teenage white girls…you ain’t slick.”

“Lmao I respect you as an actor and love your work, but we all know this post is just another attempt to pander to Black women,” another spectator wrote. “If you truly cared about us, there’ll be no need to state that in every interview. It’s like you’re trying to prove something to yourself. Anyway, comments didn’t disappoint. Glad that ladies see through [it].”

This debate is nothing new. In fact, it has been going on for years. 

In November, Jordan told Vogue that the craziest rumor he’s heard about himself is “that I don’t date black women.” During a more recent sit-down with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Jordan addressed the rumor once again. 

After Jordan said he was "going to keep my personal life out of this," the radio hosts directly asked him if it was true he only dates white women, to which he quickly responded that he likes "women, period. All women. Everybody's on the table."

Donald Glover has been the subject of similar controversy after the multi-faceted entertainer, who has a child and is partnered with a white woman, released the socially conscious music video for his new single "This Is America." Glover, whose music moniker is Childish Gambino, responded to the criticism in a recent interview by saying he believes he can still be woke while dating "someone different."