iIt’s safe to say that Michelle Obama knows a thing or two about love after being married for 26 years, and while on tour promoting her memoir Becoming, the former FLOTUS gave her audience some dating advice.

Thankfully for those of us not in attendance, Obama's words to the wise were captured and posted to Twitter by Shelby Ivey Christie.

Michelle’s dating advice.

Men, be clear. Women, don’t lower your bar. #IAmBecoming pic.twitter.com/BjntelNSNf

— Shelby Ivey Christie (@bronze_bombSHEL) November 26, 2018

“High bar, ladies. High bar. Keep your bar high,” the former first lady said. “Because it’s hard enough with a high bar, it’s hard. So you don’t want to start making huge, huge compromises in who you are and how you want a man or a partner to show up in your life."

Obama said she followed this advice herself and thinks it worked in her favor when she first met a young Barack.

"I think it helped that I wasn’t looking,” she said. “That I wasn’t thirsty. That I was pushing him off a little bit and he had to work a bit.”

Obama met Barack while working at a Chicago law firm, as Quartz notes. The future president was an intern in from Harvard, and Obama took him under her wing, helping him out. At first, they were friends, but it wasn't long before Barack asked her out. She said he made it clear how he felt about her and what he wanted, and she advised her audience to do the same.

“By the end of that summer, Barack had told me that he loved me,” she said. “Brothas, another thing, do not play games! He wasn’t playing games. That was another thing! He was like, ‘I love you, let’s figure this out.’ It wasn’t like, ‘Well, I’m trying to do these kind of things.’ Trust me; I had plenty of that, people just trying to keep their options open. I was sick of that. Barack was like, ‘Nope, this is who I am; this is what I think we want. Let’s give it a shot.’ He was clear, gentlemen. He. Was. Clear.”

Obama did admit that once they became official, the couple carefully took their time to get married. 

"I fell hard and fast and deep and quick, but we still didn’t marry until we got to know each other," she revealed. 

Ladies and gentlemen, are you taking notes? 

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