Former first lady Michelle Obama has announced a week of action to drive people to the polls before the midterm elections in November.

The week of action is organized by When We All Vote, a new nonprofit co-chaired by Obama. It will take place from September 22 to September 29, in observance of the 53rd anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act, reports ABC News.

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the work it took to get this law passed. All the organizing and marching. All the volunteers who registered voters. All the folks who, even if they knew they’d be turned away at the polls, stood up time and again for their right to vote,” Obama said in the video announcing the campaign. “Today, we want to honor their legacy and continue their work to ensure that every eligible American casts their vote. Work that is far from finished.”

When We All Vote is a bipartisan organization, and while Obama kept it cute in the video, it’s clear the current political climate motivated this campaign.

“There’s too much at stake to sit on the sidelines, not just in this election but in every election, and we need your help right now," Obama said.

The campaign will host events in various cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

If you’re interested in helping our Forever FLOTUS, you can sign up to volunteer on When We All Vote’s website.

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