Big game hunting is a no go in 2018. 

After a photo from trophy hunter holding a dead leopard circulated online, social media users were quick to call her out for what they believe to be a barbaric act. 

The woman in the photo has only been identified as Britany or Britani L by David Bonnouvrier, co-founder of the anti-elephant poaching organization “Knot on my Planet.”

“A very large male Leopard recently killed by of the safari club international based in Tucson AZ call them and give them a piece of your mind,” Bonnouvrier wrote on Instagram.

According to Fox News, the woman is a member of the Arizona-based Safari Club International (SCI). The photo stirring up controversy was first posted online on Sept. 7 for being what the members call a “record” kill.

His original post was reshared by international supermodel Naomi Campbell. 

Fans and supporters of Bonnouvrier's made claims the woman in the photo was actually famous trophy hunter Tess Thompson Talley, who has been in the news recently for killing a rare black giraffe

Since President Donald Trump has taken office, big game hunting has been on the rise, reports Newsweek. It is no secret his sons partake in the activity.  

“How can you find pride and pleasure in killing a beautiful animal like this large male Leopard. The woman in the picture should be ashamed of herself! I find this disgusting and I’m so upset, sad and angry that this still happens!!” model Doutzen Kroes wrote.

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