On the heels of Sergio’s enthusiastic post on the episode of the series with the black serial killer…

NBC has given a 13-episode second-season renewal to its critically applauded drama Hannibal. The new season will air no earlier than midseason.

Hannibal is based on the characters from the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and was developed for television by Bryan Fuller, who also serves as writer and executive producer.

The series stars Hugh Dancy as expert criminal profiler Will Graham, who has a unique ability to peer into the mind of serial killers. Mads Mikkelsen stars as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist who is helping with the cases and, unbeknownst to Will, is also a serial killer himself.

Laurence Fishburne stars as Jack Crawford, the head of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. 

Gina Torres, real-life wife of Fishburne plays… drumroll… Fishburne’s wife in the series. 

Caroline Dhavernas and Hettienne Park also co-star.

Through its eight original telecasts to date, Hannibal is averaging 4.7 million viewers overall.