Black slang can be lost in translation, and the consequences are significant. According to TMZ, Arthur Posey was arrested at Willie's Chicken Shack in New Orleans for allegedly threatening to "blow the bathroom up." 

"Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up,” the restaurant's employees claim the 30-year-old said. 

Posey says he was misunderstood and was making use of a euphemism for defecation, The Times-Picayune reports. The Crescent City native told the authorities he needed to "blow the bathroom up," releasing a "Number 2" that would significantly befoul the place. You know, sort of like when Pops (from Friday) enters any restroom. 


Wait, what the—?

According to a warrant obtained by The Times-Picayune, the bomb threat was reported to police a little after 7 p.m. on Tuesday after Posey approached a restaurant manager carrying a white bag. The manager claims this was when Posey told him he was about to “get a bomb and blow this place up.” The police were then called.

The authorities listened to Posey's explanation then questioned the manager and found, “Mr. Posey never told him anything about a bathroom.”

Posey was arrested and faces two counts of communicating false information of planned arson. He'll have an opportunity to argue his case in court later this month and will appear for a mental competency hearing on November 29. 

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