A couple of months ago, it was announced that Omarosa Manigault Newman was leaving the Trump administration. At the time, she and the administration had different stories as to whether she resigned or was fired. 

A recent Politico report about White House chief of staff John Kelly — whose current position also appears to be on shaky ground — is adding fodder to that conversation. The report claims that Kelly dismissed Manigault Newman from her Office of Public Liaison post in December because she used the White House car service, known as “CARPET," for office pickups and drop-offs. According to administration officials, that is strictly forbidden by the federal government.

The officials also claim that, following her departure, Manigault tried to enter the White House to personally appeal to President Trump for her job and accidentally tripped an electric Secret Service wire, which monitors the White House's entrances and exits. 

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The White House has not officially commented on this new information regarding Manigault Newman's departure. 

She is now starring on Celebrity Big Brother and recently claimed, among other things, that we should be "worried" about Trump

Omarosa famously came to national attention during her time on The Apprentice. British television host Piers Morgan accused the former White House staffer of hurling gay slurs at him during their time on Celebrity Apprentice in The Daily Mail.

Morgan claims that Omarosa tried to get him to have sex with her so that they could "'make lots of money out of it.'"

The television host declined, and said Omarosa then called him a "'f*cking f*ggot,'" along with other slurs, and threatened to punch him. Manigault Newman has yet to respond to these allegations.