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As the holidays quickly approach for the year 2020, it’s no secret that the celebrations will be looking a lot different this year. Thanks, COVID. This year has been an interesting one to say the least.

Although the last few months came with many lows, we should always find ways to take care of ourselves and loved ones. This can look different for each family and group of friends, but figure out ways that you and yours can end the year creating memories during a year of uncertainty.

Travel has been limited for those who love jet setting across the country or across the globe, but sit tight. Our days of rushing through TSA lines will return sooner than later. Until then, due to travel restrictions and general safety, many of us will be celebrating the holidays on Zoom or with smaller groups. If you are in a bigger city, such as New York, there are many event spaces that will rent to your small group for a couple hours and also provide catering. With many restaurants having suffered from slow business, their spaces have been accommodating small birthdays and receptions. Give your favorite restaurant or event space a ring. I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

Now, what about the drinks? Black-owned wine labels are on the rise. Don't worry if you're not located in the most diverse city. Many shops deliver to different cities and will have you sipping in no time. Brooklyn and Chicago are home to many up-and-coming woman-owned liquor and wine stores. An online search will pull many stores for you to pick from. The stores feature exclusive champagne, liquors and wine from across the globe. Of course, drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. What a time to be alive? Oh yeah! If you find yourself in the city, many of the stores host tastings with small eats for you and your squad.

Still not ready to socialize in large groups just yet? Check out fun Black-owned games that will make a party of three or 13 laugh until their bellies ache. The popular game Black Card Revoked has been known to spark hour long debates about light-hearted opinions within the Black community. Does sugar go in grits or not? CardsForAllPeople.com has plenty of games to enjoy indoors for those who would rather stay in as much as possible this holiday season.

If you must travel, or dared to not cancel plans made before the start of the pandemic, there are many countries that have eased travel restrictions and are allowing international travelers to come enjoy fun in the sun. Most notably, Jamaica and Mexico. The two countries have been welcoming tourists with strict quarantine guidelines, and the prices for all inclusive packages have been fantastic.

We have had to adapt to a new normal, and life as we knew it before March 2020 will no longer be. We have seen our favorite shops close their doors for good. We have missed funerals and weddings. Video chat services are being used like never before. We have adapted to a new normal — and we have done it together.

Eat, drink and be merry! You deserve to take a breather. It has been one heck of a year. Here is to an amazing 2021 for you and yours!