The tragic murder of Nia Wilson should require nothing but a cry for justice. Instead, one local news station failed miserably at trying to criminalize her. 

On the night of Sunday, July 22, 18-year-old Wilson was on the way home from a family gathering when she and her sisters were attacked on a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station platform. While her sister survived the attack, Wilson died from her injuries.

As news stations across the nation broke the story, KTVU Fox 2 seemed to skip over all of the beautiful photos circulating of the young woman and showcased a picture of her holding what could be mistaken for a gun. While it was, in fact, a phone case and not an actual weapon, many called the station out for what seemed to be an attempt to criminalize the victim.

Twitter users justifiably dragged the news station for its insensitivity and the seeming attempt to eradicate her victimhood. 

Outrage forced the news station to issue an apology.

Rest in power, Nia. 

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