NFL Player Alvin Kamara Joins Others In Showing People They Have No Authority Over Black Athletes

Another athlete taking a stand.

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| October 10 2018,

5:14 pm

Here we go again. Another bright and shining moment where white folks tote their make believe authority around and feel they are entitled to tell black folks what to do. Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints decided to wear a Colin Kaepernick jersey with a "Make Africa Home Again" hat during the Monday Night Football post game press conference, and you already know it got all the rage. I can hear the tiki torches being fired up now.

I even engaged with a white woman who went on a rant about black history, stating, "Adam and Eve is where civilization started, not Africa." (insert eye roll) These people want so badly to erase our history that they are hell bent on being willfully ignorant and unreceptive to learning a part of history they were never taught. Not correctly, at least. Most of the comments I have seen in regards to Alvin's statement, were for him to go back to Africa — the classic canned response. I guess these people forgot that they didn't originate here, either.

I am sick and tired of white people thinking they have some sort of authority over black athletes. It grinds my gears. These men are not property. They have feelings, emotions and are human beings. These are young men who worked hard their entire lives from youth to adulthood playing a sport that is not easy to break into. Not at the collegiate level, nor professionally. There are millions of high school and college football players, and only 52 men are on a professional roster. You do the math.

You don't get to belittle their talents simply because you couldn't make a JV squad in middle school. You are mad at the millions they make to throw a football, but for years, you willingly attend their games each and every Sunday.

Taking a stand for justice or engaging in social activism of any kind can threaten the careers of black athletes. I am just glad to see more of these brothers standing up in spite of it all. It won't be long before Alvin Kamara ends up on shit lists across the country.

I'm glad that these guys have refused to just "stick to sports." Black people are being shot dead in the streets, our justice system is racist and somehow white people have found ways to ignore it. So, in response, we have found a new approach to an age-old problem. Black athletes are going to use their platforms to bring awareness to the issues being ignored. You will continue to see men take a knee, wear bold attire and say what you don't want them to say.

Throughout history we have been blocked from participation in a number of areas. We were denied the right to vote, denied entry into public places and civic institutions, and barred from mainstream media. Music and sports has become the new wave of expression for people of color. The killing of unarmed black men sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, which has now led to a national protest of black athletes taking a knee. As long as the issues in our community are ignored, white people are going to be forced to listen. Keeping your head in the sand is no longer an option. You will hear us — and those sons of b*tches, you will see them too.

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