Graduation season is upon us once again, and for some people, the thought of graduating debt free is becoming a reality all thanks to one female rapper. Nicki Minaj decided to bless some of her fans this weekend by agreeing to pay their college tuition, loans, and other bills.

It started off as a long shot and ended as a reality. 

Nicki Minaj began tweeting about a contest to join her in Vegas for the Billboard Awards. Then, one fan suggested that the rapper pays their college fees instead. She readily agreed. 

Fans then began asking her to pay for other bills including books and school supplies. Saint Nick began responding like it was truly Christmas agreeing to pay for them. 

After agreeing to pay multiple requests, she ended up giving out tens of thousands of dollars. From there, she agreed to do this again in a “month or 2.”

Well, Nicki, some speculate you're still fighting for that Queen spot. Whether that's true or not, a good deed like this deserves a round of applause.