Daddy Don't GoFrom Brooklyn-based Pureland Pictures comes the feature-length documentary, "Daddy Don’t Go," which "challenges the epidemic of fatherlessness by offering intimate portraits of four racially diverse, economically disadvantaged dads [Alex, Nelson, Roy and Omar] who are defying the odds against them […] shattering the deadbeat dad stereotype, redefining what it means to be a good father for all men."

Meet the four fathers:

– Alex, a single father of West Indian descent who lives with his toddler son "Junior" in a decaying Harlem shelter. Alex successfully keeps Junior out of the foster care system for two years but then faces a new challenge to his family’s well-being: possible jail time.
– Nelson is a former Latin King gang member and full-time daddy to his young son and his partner Rebeccas’s two daughters. Nelson is adamant about staying away from the lure of "street life" even in the face of unemployment.
– Roy is a Caucasian ex-offender who won full custody of his toddler son when the boy’s mother succumbed to drug addiction. Roy and Caiden now live with his parents as Roy tries to overcome his criminal past.
– Omar is an African American father who has full custody of three children with special needs after he rescued his children from their abusive mother. He now battles the Agency for Administrative Services to keep them in his custody.

Filmed over two years, Omar Epps has come onboard to executive produce the film.

Emily Abt is director and producer. Jennifer Fox is executive producer.

Watch a trailer below: