Tuesday’s episode of Abbott Elementary gave viewers a real surprise–the internet joke of Orlando Jones and Tyler James Williams looking alike has finally become canon in the form of Jones playing Williams’ father.

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Jones has famously made his Twitter bio read, “Not the little boy from Everybody Hates Chris,” playing into the fact that so many people believe him to be related to Williams. Once fans saw him make a cameo as Williams’ father, people ran to Twitter to laugh at how much the show listens to social media.

As one person wrote, "I love that my girl Quinta listened to the people of twitter and made Gregory's Dad Orlando Jones. That was GENIUSSS!!"

Another person wrote, "Abbott Elementary casting Orlando Jones as Gregory's dad is amazing casting."

Another viewer also reacted to the casting, writing, "Adding Orlando Jones to the cast as Tyler James Williams's dad is PERFECTION! I love the Easter eggs that are specifically for us."

One viewer referenced Jones' bio and his online humor, writing, "nah cuz Orlando Jones used to get on here every day and tell us Tyler isn't his son and now LOOK."

Another viewer summed up the reactions everyone had, writing, "They really made Orlando Jones Gregory's dad. I am screaming. LMAO."

Abbott Elementary airs Tuesday nights on ABC.