Legendary musician Patti LaBelle has inked a deal to expand her hugely popular pie business into the frozen food industry. Famed author and restaurateur Stratis Morfogen posted an Instagram Story on Wednesday touting the new venture, which will involve selling a line of frozen dumplings in Walmarts across the country. 

“Patti LaBelle and I are now partners in our new Co BCH GROCERS LLC – bringing frozen dumplings such as French Onion Soup, Pastrami, Lamb Gyro & Bacon Cheeseburger Dumplings to Walmart – adding to the huge success with Walmart of Ms Patti’s record selling Sweet Potato pies,” Morfogen said after celebrating the deal with LaBelle, her son Zuri Edwards, Alex Thompson and Charles Suitt at Brooklyn Chop House. 

Dumplings seem to be Morfogen's focus right now with his new business and his recently released book Damn Good Dumplings.

In 2015, LaBelle started a line of cakes and pies -- including her renowned sweet potato pie, vanilla pound cake, “Somebody Loves You, Baby” chocolate cake and banana pudding cups -- that consistently sold out at Walmart. She recently announced plans for a new line of pies, and according to Page Six, she brought one of them to the meeting on Wednesday.

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