Pearson, the Suits spinoff starring Gina Torres, is getting renewed interest from Peacock after Suits makes a big splash on Netflix.

Suits, featuring Torres, Meghan Markle, Wendell Pierce, Dulé Hill and D.B. Woodside alongside Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, has become a surprise smash hit after previous seasons of the USA show began airing on Netflix. Now that new audiences have been exposed to the series, Peacock is hoping to keep the Suits love going by bringing Pearson back to the forefront. Peacock has announced this Friday that the Torres-starring series is now streaming, while also advertising that Peacock is the “exclusive streamer” for all nine seasons of Suits. The statement about Peacock’s exclusivity over Suits is a clear shot at Netflix, but it also could be giving fans of Pearson a subtle hint about the Pearson’s fate.

Even though Pearson was quickly canceled in 2019, we know nothing is ever fully canceled in the age of streaming. With Pearson now being advertised by Peacock, fans of the series might want to through their full support by the series. As we have seen with other series that have come back from the dead, like Warrior, which recently ended its third season after fan support brought the Max show back from cancellation, Pearson could have a shot at coming back if the streamer sees there’s exponential viewership.

This is all conjecture, however. But in this age of television, it’s wise to never say never.

Here’s the full description of Pearson:

Looking to atone for her past, disbarred powerhouse attorney Jessica Pearson leaves her New York City law firm for the down-and-dirty politics of the Windy City. The cast, led by Gina Torres, includes Bethany Joy Lenz, Morgan Spector, Chantel Riley, Simon Kassianides, Eli Goree and Isabel Arraiza.