Students from Wallingford, Pennsylvania, are under investigation after posting a threatening letter and photo on social media.

According to CBS Philly 3, the Strath Haven High School students shared a hate-filled letter on Tuesday via Snapchat along with a picture of themselves donning KKK hoods. The message was addressed to “non-U.S. citizens." Yahoo reports the notes told them to leave their homes and threatened victims would be “evicted from your home at 9 am tomorrow afternoon" if they did not leave to places like “New Mexico city." 

“Donald and his crew think its best if u pack ur bags tonight and don’t say goodbye to any1,” it continued. The note was signed “Donald Trump and his Crew, specifically Mike Pence #MAGA” and threatened to "put u up for adoption" or "execute u and ur kiddos” if they didn't.

A mother, identified as Jayda Dixon-Clack, explained on Facebook how the two girls, who detectives say posted the message on the doors of four minority families' homes, were merely sent home early for their actions.

"This was just sent to me. These girls go to my kids' school, Strath Haven High School, and to my understanding, they were just sent home early!!! This is not OK. They need to be suspended; better yet, expelled. I will be making a complaint," she wrote. 

ABC 6 Action News reported students of the Delaware County school staged a walkout on Wednesday morning in response to the discriminatory actions.

According to Yahoo, four girls are believed to be behind the post, and the two in the photo have yet to be identified.

In a statement, Wallingford-Swarthmore School District Superintendent Lisa Palmer said it "is an inclusive learning community that welcomes and embraces students and families of all races and ethnicities. There simply is no place for hate in our district, and this is a message we intend to reinforce with our students."

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