People Are Going 'Apes**t' Over This Artist's Stunning Rendition Of Beyoncé's Vogue Cover

Alice X. Zhang is love.

Photo Credit: Vogue

| August 09 2018,

7:22 pm

We all know the concept of fan art when it comes to popular celebrities, especially when they are involved in something iconic. 

But, there's fan art, and then there's FAN ART. 

Photo: GIPHY

Cue Beyoncé's September 2018 Vogue cover. Meet Alice X. Zhang.

On Wednesday, August 8, Zhang tweeted how the recent history-making cover inspired her to do her thing with the art:

Oh, just a casual slay!

Photo: GIPHY

Immediately, the Bey Hive swarmed to give Zhang her props. 

Some fans got straight to the point and told Zhang to hurry up and take their money! 

Folks KNEW Zhang came for wigs with this artwork! 

Zhang also has that Marvel coin because... HAVE YOU SEEN HER WORK?! You can pre-order Marvel Powers of a Girl, which she illustrated, set for release in February 2019 on Amazon

Zhang, you know what you did? THAT.

Photo: GIPHY

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