Update (February 1, 2019): Philadelphia residents have made their disdain for R. Kelly official.

According to CBS 3 Philly, the city council voted to pass a resolution to “mute” the singer in a unanimous decision passed on Thursday. The resolution was introduced initially by Councilwoman Helen Gym late in January.

The 51-year-old politician announced the symbolic act of solidarity via Twitter.

“Today my resolution honoring the #MuteRKelly movement is up for a vote in @PHLCouncil. I'm so moved to hear testimony from advocates, survivors, and organizers in support,” the councilwoman wrote in a Thursday Twitter thread.

Philly is not alone in wanting to keep its distance from the controversial musician. Sony Music dropped the singer from its label last month after the allegations about the 52-year-old’s sexual assault cases resurfaced.

“We reject a system that silences Black women and accepts Black pain. We believe in survivors. R. Kelly is not welcome in Philadelphia,” the post continued.

The councilwoman also cited Malcolm X to relay the significance of the ban. 

As Blavity reported, the resolution stems from the grassroots movement to “Mute R. Kelly” which gained momentum after the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly premiered in January.

Original: Can you ban someone from an entire city for being an alleged rapist? Well, Philadelphia Councilwoman Helen Gym intends to try.

Gym introduced a resolution that would ban singer and focal point of the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly from entering the city. 

“If you’re a rapist and a child molester, you are not welcome in Philadelphia,” Gym told NBC Philadelphia. “We live at an incredible moment in time where we are no longer accepting the protection of powerful men at the expense of women.”

R. Kelly has been under fire since producer dream hampton's docu-series was released in early January. Kelly has been accused of decades of sexual abuse as well as the abuse of young girls and physical assault. The allegations are far from new but continue to strengthen after years of a both general and tongue-in-cheek understanding that the singer has a penchant for sexual predation. Despite this, the 52-year-old has not yet been convicted of criminal charges. 

But a lack of legal repercussions have not stopped Kelly's music label from dropping him or fellow music artists distancing themselves from Kelly. Chance the Rapper recently apologized to sexual abuse survivors for working with him, and B2K stated they would no longer use songs penned by Kelly in their performances. It looks like Philly is up next in the growing circle of those wanting to cut ties with the singer.  

Gym’s resolution will be voted on Thursday, Jan. 31. 

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