Meditation is so many things. It's being present, it's cultivating creativity, it's stillness, it's peace, it's pure and blissful

Solitude is often freeing, a luxury that many take for granted. There is so much power in silencing the outside world. Focusing inward allows you to find peace and piece of mind. That said, I find myself in the most quiet corners of my home. There, I read, reflect, lift up my prayers and quiet the chatter long enough to reach a place where there are no worries, because there are no thoughts

In the beginning, when I was just learning how to set my intentions and after (when I do my best brainstorming), I'd find myself distracted searching through YouTube and Spotify. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that guided meditations narrated by some guy speaking in an English accent wouldn't do. I found "soothing soundscapes" comparable to imitation crab: It was just not the same thing. Underwhelmed and unenthused, I compiled a list of my own

Before retreating into a place of quietude, I like to begin with a calming and relaxing meditative mix and finish with the same mix, a sort of opening and closing routine. This guided playlist, I hope, lifts your spirit effortlessly and helps you to stay present, in the moment and open.
What songs do you use for your meditation mix? Let me know in the comments below!

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