There’s often a preconceived notion that racism and prejudice are mainly an American thing. Yet somehow, our friends across the pond keep reminding us time after time that it’s an issue they need to fix as well. Earlier this month we learned about #JusticePourTheo, protests took place all over Paris for a 22-year-old black man harmed by police brutality. Just a couple of years ago, Lin Mei and her friends were banned from a London nightclub for being “too dark” and “overweight.”

Well, here we are again. 

On Monday evening, New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram took to his Twitter account to call out London nightclub, Cirque Le Soir, for denying him and three of his teammates' entry for being “too urban.” Ingram detailed the alleged encounter on his Twitter account for all to see. It started with a text message to him, Sterling Moore, Vonn Bell and B.W. Webb, that had reservations ahead of time.

He went on to explain that they had an issue with the physical structure of "6 big guys."

Ingram went on to explain that he doesn’t have a problem with England and this was his first encounter with racism there. In reality, he and the Saints are excited to play in the NFL UK vs the Miami Dolphin this year. Although Ingram may be brushing the incident off, the Internet isn't letting it go. The popular nightclub that is known for having A-listers like Lady GaGa and Kanye West has yet to respond to the situation but that’s not stopping Twitter from leaving their mentions in shambles. 

Trying to pump up their supporters on Friday, the club tweeted this:

But you knew people weren’t going to let that fly.

Upon further digging, people were confused by the exact message the club was trying to make.

Waka Flocka has also performed there on multiple occasions and that same night the NFL players were denied entry, the club was heavily promoting their “Hype Hop” night with a video featuring Big Sean and MadeInTyo’s ‘Skate Board P.’

It’s apparent that they love our music, our slang, our culture but not our people. Typical.