Hah! When I received notification of this, without even reading the contents and watching the promo, I instantly laughed. Why? Well, if you're familiar with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations – a broad term that is often used to describe usually non-profit organizations that are in business – whether operational or advocacy – usually to further the political or social goals of their members), you'll be familiar with the many criticisms leveled against them, despite their best intentions. 

I won't expound here, but the fact that there's an organization called the NGO Monitor, which does exactly what its title says, should indicate something. Click HERE to read up on criticism of NGOs and challenges to their legitimacy.

This upcoming comedy series is titled The Samaritans, and it revolves around the Kenyan field office of a fictional NGO that does a whole lot of nothing!!

The project is from Kenya-based production company Xeinium, who just successfully raised over $10,000 via Kickstarter to go into production on the series, which looks like it's going for a similar vibe as the American TV series The Office.

The filmmakers took the project to DISCOP AFRICA last month, the TV and Film conference in South Africa, where the below interview with Hussein Kurji of Xeinium was recorded. He talks about the impetus for the project, their plans for it, and more.

But first, here's the pitch/promo for the series (and while I'm not high on the production values in what I see in the promo footage they shot, I hope that, now that they have funds to shoot a pilot episode, that the final product will much stronger):