For the first time ever, two Muslim women will be sworn in as members of Congress.

Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib are being sworn in on Thursday.

Omar will be the first woman to appear on the congressional floor with a head covering, reports The New York Post. The rule dates back to 1837, when Congress created it as a departure from British custom. Omar tweeted her intentions for the ban in November.

Omar is also the first Somali-American in Congress, a fact she mentioned in a touching tweet.

Omar’s father was present for the momentous occasion.

Tlaib is the first Palestinian-American to hold a congressional seat. She wore a thobe, a robe-like outfit from her culture, reports Click On Detriot. She posted a picture on Instagram and dedicated it to her yama, which means “grandmother” in Arabic.

Tlaib will be sworn in using Thomas Jefferson’s Koran, according to The Detroit Free Press. She's choosing the Muslim holy book to showcase America’s diversity.

“My mere existence, that I’m even of Muslim faith, is going to be a problem for them with or without me swearing in on any Koran,” she said. “I believe in secular government [and] my swearing in on the Koran is about me showing that the American people are made up of diverse backgrounds and we all have love of justice and freedom. My faith has centered me. The prophet Mohammed was always talking about freedom and justice.”

Tlaib's son will be alongside her to watch his mom make history. 

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