You have so many things to think about as a business owner, and time management is key to meeting the demands of your business, serving customers and treating employees fairly. To level up, one thing you can make sure you have covered is time spent on processes like recording inventory, tracking sales and expenses and marketing services or products. If you suspect that one of these processes is consuming too much of your time or you need to devote more attention toward certain financials, consider investing in business tools that can streamline the process.

Clover is an all-in-one business management system providing services to help small businesses thrive. Here are some ways Clover helps business owners address obstacles and optimize their operations:

Platform Tech Support

LaToya Gardner and her husband, Sean, own Holy Rolly, an ice cream food truck in Charleston, South Carolina. They use Clover Mini and Clover Go, which are ideal for tight spaces like food trucks. LaToya and Sean found launching Clover simple and easy, thanks to the help of the Clover support staff. “Our merchant service representative was very hands-on. He actually came over to our truck, set everything up, gave us the walk-through of the point-of-sale device and how to use it,” Latoya says.

After the setup, the device was ready to get on the road. “It has its own built-in cellular service with 4G. We didn’t have to use a hot spot to get internet, which is very important for us as a food truck. That was something competitors didn’t offer.”

Quick and Strategic Reporting

Gladys Harrison, the owner of Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering, says Clover helps her get a high-level view of her Omaha, Nebraska eatery. The system she used before switching to Clover had her spending too many hours trying to create sales reports every month. Now, Harrison can run daily, weekly and monthly reports to track sales goals in a short amount of time.

Beyond that, inventory is also much less of a hassle. “The time I spend on inventory now that we have Clover? We’ve gone from hours to minutes,” she says. “I’d never been able to calculate how much oil we use for our fried chicken. [With Clover], I did it in literally a couple minutes.”

Keeps Customers Coming Back

Imaria Fakinlede of Neron Cakes & Decor in Brunswick, New Jersey, is able to show appreciation for customers in all kinds of ways by using the customer engagement suite from Clover. The more customers spend money, the more they earn rewards. Once they reach a certain point, Fakinlede gives them six cupcakes or a six-inch cake for free. “Occasionally, I offer 15 percent off for two-tier cakes and five percent off a one-tier cake.” She also uses the virtual terminal and online ordering features to take payments and confirm orders immediately.

These are just a few of the features that Clover has to offer. Take a look to find out if Clover solutions match your business needs. 

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Clover from Fiserv.