Remy Ma sheds light on forgotten incarcerated black women

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| October 19 2016,

1:25 pm

Rapper Remy Ma knows all too well the struggle of being incarcerated and its lingering effects. When she said incarcerated black women are routinely forgotten while on HuffPost's weekly rap show, "BARS," she wasn't lying. Once a black woman makes it out of prison she still isn't free of her past. "You try to fill out ... a job application,” she said, “You try to [apply] for housing. You try to do anything [as] simple as voting you can’t do because of something that you did. So it’s never really like you paid your debt to society. You’re constantly paying for it over and over. ... The system is designed for you to fail.”

As the mass incarceration epidemic is growing, the number of black women who are still being punished after serving their time is as well.

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