Bianca Roberson was 18 years old when a Pennsylvania man fatally shot her while driving down Route 100 during rush hour. The two were struggling to merge when the man, David Desper, retrieved his gun and shot the young girl through his open window. Now, a year later, Desper, has been sentenced to 20 to 40 years. 

While Desper, who is now being referred to as the "Road Rage Killer," claims Roberson’s car swerved toward him, the judge saw no logic behind Desper's defense that it was fear of impact which led him to reach for his gun. 

“I don’t believe you were afraid,” Judge Ann Marie Wheatcraft said. “If you’re afraid when you’re driving, you hit the brakes. I believe you were angry.”

Roberson’s family shared similar skepticism and challenged Desper during the proceedings. 

“Why in God’s name did you shoot my daughter?” Roberson’s father, Rodney Roberson, read in a statement. “Because she was young? Because she was Black? Because she was a girl? Because you wanted to go first on the road? Because you had a bad day?”

“I am so sorry!” Desper told Roberson’s family, WTXF-Fox29’S Bruce Gordon reported. 

According to ABC Action News, the defense referred to Desper as a “harmless and an almost juvenile 28-year-old” throughout the proceedings, and claimed he practically “gave the government the case” by turning himself in to authorities.

Michelle Roberson, the victim’s mother, faced her child’s killer and told him: “I never get to hear that word ‘mom’ again. I hate you!”

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