Former Heisman winner Robert Griffin III (RG3) didn’t hold back from taking a few bites of good chicken on national TV, and his wife was shocked.

The new Monday Night Countdown host had a plate full of food along with a few of his co-hosts, Steve Young and  Booger McFarland, during the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Commanders game. The only thing is the former NFL football player couldn’t contain his hunger during Monday night’s live broadcast.

During the show, he started taking big bites of chicken while holding his stacked plate of food.

Griffin III looked so happy while chewing the meat that his co-host asked him what his choice would be between chicken and a Philly cheesesteak. He immediately responded with “chicken.”

His wife, Grete Griffin, who was watching her husband’s show, was so shocked to see him eating on live TV that she recorded a video and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “Are you eating chicken on live TV?” accompanied with laughing emojis.

The next day, the 32-year-old analyst retweeted his wife’s video adding, “Yep,” with no shame.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether this was planned or not, but following the Washington Commanders walking away with a 32-21 win, the team tweeted an interesting photo of a random man holding a rotisserie chicken with the Eagles’ logo as the head of the chicken.

RG3 began his new career as an ESPN analyst in August 2021 after being presented with a couple of nice offers to host. This is his second season with the network, where he also covers college football, and it’s looking like he has a bright future ahead in his career as a sports analyst.