Tuesday nights won’t be the same for a while, once the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) hit dramatic series Intersexions wraps up its second season this week.

Sponsored by Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa, Peabody Award-winning Intersexions is a dramatic series that uses engaging storytelling to spread the message of HIV/AIDS awareness.  Season 1 also won an unprecedented 13 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) in 2012.

Before you say to yourself, “I already know about HIV/AIDS; this show isn’t for me,” I would encourage you to get to the end of episode 1 of Intersexions II, and see if you’re not scrambling to get into the next episode.  Intersexions is not preachy or heavy-handed; it’s basically a condensed soap opera that draws you in for 20+ episodes of interconnected storytelling that will entertain you, as well as scare you down to your nearest clinic.

The casts of Intersexions I & II are made up of a mix of professional and amateur actors, but all of the performances are top-notch and praiseworthy.

You may be able to find the first season of Intersexions available for viewing on YouTube, but it’s also out on DVD.  The stories of the two seasons are unrelated, so you needn’t have seen the first to enjoy Intersexions II.

Here are the first three episodes of Intersexions II.  The remaining available episodes can be found on SABC’S YouTube channel.