Well, he doesn't reveal much to sway me, or alleviate concerns I have for the project, which I've already expressed (read my thoughts on the script I read HERE if you missed that post).

The mention of Goodbye Uncle Tom being of influence only adds another exclamation point to the line about this being essentially an exploitation flick; I'll expect to read/hear the term "neo-blaxploitation" tossed around a bit when reviews of the film start pouring in later this year.

So when he says that the film deals with history in an "honest and very dramatic" way, have to wonder just how "honest" it will be. I'm sure it'll be dramatic, exciting and other like adjectives (it's Tarantino after all); but it's essentially a revisitionist slave narrative of sorts, so I'm not so sure about the "honesty" part.

But it's clear that Mr Jackson just doesn't give a f*ck about what I think, so *KanyeShrug*

My concerns will either be negated or confirmed when the film is eventually out.

He's certainly excited about the project, and loved the experience he had working with Quentin Tarantino for what is the 3rd or 4th time. 

Given that the PR campaign has effectively begun for the film, I suspect we'll be getting our first look at it, via a teaser trailer, very soon! I won't be shocked if Tarantino is working on one right now.

Anyway, watch: