San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Takes a Knee During National Anthem

Kaepernick’s movement to protest police brutality started during his days as a 49ers quarterback.

Photo Credit: Twitter

| November 02 2018,

12:01 am

The movement to protest police brutality in the most public of spaces isn’t fading anytime soon.

Bay Area NBC Sports reporter Damian Trujillo took to Twitter to share the photo, including an additional close-up shot. The display also caught the attention of Lenny Harold, who captured another angle of the moment and quickly tweeted that one of the cheerleaders was taking a knee.

“No one else that I know of noticed or reacted,” he shared. “She stayed with her teammates for the rest of the game, and they appeared to support her.”

President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to vocalize his distaste for the display, telling players to “be happy and be cool” instead of protesting during a football game.

“Bottom line, cheerleaders are a little fish in a big pond,” Wright stated. “Although they are of great worth and value to the football experience and their respective communities, many are undervalued. So to remain neutral, they wouldn’t take a knee.”

An unidentified former cheerleader also shared her thoughts with Elle surrounding the topic.

“It’s not that we women don’t have an opinion; we have opinions. Many of us have other jobs while we are cheering; there are doctors and politicians out there on the field. We do this because we love to dance, and our job as cheerleaders isn’t to create controversy. It’s to make everyone happy,” she expressed.

Back in May, the NFL introduced a policy requiring all players to stand during the national anthem while on the field, giving them the choice to stay in the locker room as an alternative. The policy has since been put on hold this year after allegations that the ban violates players’ rights.

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