Colin Kaepernick deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for peacefully protesting oppression in the National Football League.

Since game one of the 2016 NFL preseason, quarterback Colin Kaepernick has knelt, protesting police brutality, racial injustice and systemic oppression. Kneeling for something larger than himself, Colin has inspired athletes of all ages, professional and amateur, across the spectrum of sports. NFL athletes continue to kneel in solidarity. Kaepernick elaborated on his peaceful protest in countless interviews and social media posts; he battled opponents on the field and the media in the pressroom. Week after week, the quarterback persevered. What better way for the global community to demonstrate unanimity than honoring activism in the arena of America’s greatest game?

As stated on, “There is nothing noble about the team that inevitably signs Colin Kaepernick.” That is to say, what is will be regardless of a nod from the Nobel Foundation, or a job. Kaepernick’s success in life is inevitable, it’s in his DNA, I just figured I’d use my platform to echo the sentiment one more time. Just in case it counts, if anybody is reading. After all, it is our mandate as humans for a fruitful future to praise and acknowledge those actively working to attain peace and a better tomorrow. Colin Kaepernick deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.