Comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd has nailed multiple impressions since joining the show in 2017. From the Fresh Prince to Kanye West, Redd portrays the personalities of celebrities with impressive ease.

On Saturday, he assumed the role of rapper Soulja Boy for his latest impersonation, and it had audiences in tears. While appearing on Power 105.1's popular radio program The Breakfast Club earlier this month, Soulja famously claimed he paved the way for fellow musician Drake's popularity. His "DRAAAAAKE?!"screech will remain an iconic moment in the morning show's history. It even inspired an outpour of memes from Twitter. 

In the SNL skit, Redd appeared alongside co-star Michael Che in the famous "Weekend Update" segment dressed as Young Drako. After "Soulja" famously announces his intentions to run for president next year, Che questions if he has what it takes to take down President Donald Trump, to which Redd unleashes the infamous Soulja Boy expression. 

"Truuump?! Truuump?! The dude that got bodied by the popular vote. The dude who got beat by Nancily Peloski?," Redd exclaimed, hilariously butchering the current speaker of the House's name. "Man, you better get out of here, man. I ain't hearing you, man!"

After Che asks a second time if Soulja really has what it takes, Redd continues: "Che, I'm telling you, bro! Without Big Soulja, there wouldn't even be no Trump! I'm the first one that hustled to the top!" 

In the skit, he also took a playful shot at the "Crank That" rapper's short-lived video game console, which Complex reports he was forced to cease production on amid threats of copyright infringement from Nintendo. 

Soulja even acknowledged the parody himself, posting a snippet of it to his Instagram account.

Watch the full clip below:

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