I wish people would stop attempting to volunteer Black women as their "captain save a n***a."

I saw a tweet that suggested that if Kanye West would've a married a Black women, she would have gotten him together by now. Which, in contrary, is true, but to me, I still find offense and dismissiveness in that statement. Once agreeing with it, I now resent it.

There's this ongoing false concept that it is somehow a Black woman's responsibility to come and always "save the day" or come to the rescue of a distraught and lost Black man. It's a narrative that doesn't seem to fade or ever break. But the reality is, Black women have been the backbone of every-f**king-thing: our men, families and many movements throughout history. Black women have always worked and held s**t down, period. It seems like we're the last to be chosen and fought for, but the first to be elected when the shit hits the fan. An ideology that's so insulting and aggravating, considering the facts.

Historically, Black women have consistently shown up when needed and showed out when faced with no other options. For instance, the presidential election and standing against police brutality, as well as fighting for women's rights (with or without the help of ALL women), just to name a few. Perhaps the strength that we have to always muster up for everyone else, often times putting ourselves on the back burner, isn't enough. Facing scrutiny and judgment that has been placed onto us for centuries, we are known for our resistance and our strength. Bettering ourselves for others with an undying loyalty to an undeserving society, while remaining fiercely dedicated to protecting and nurturing our community.

For generations, Black women have made it their lifelong mission to take care of everyone while never skipping out on our responsibilities — even the ones that we didn’t choose. Suggesting that Black women should come through and save a n***a that has zero appreciation for us, or that we somehow can handle everyone's burdens, plus our own, is a f**king joke. The audacity is sadder than it is triggering.

What needs to be understood is this: We are not the world's superheroes or saviors (although it often feels that way). It ain't our job to rescue the Black man every time they decide to show they ass, or to forgive those that have wronged and hurt us. It's not our responsibility to rise up and support a society that could give a f**k about Black women. We have our own live's s**t to balance and our own days to save.

Where's the saving of Black women when we are getting killed and snatched up off the streets on the daily, or when we are getting unfair treatment in the workforce? Where are the capes when Black women are wrongly convicted or giving harsh sentences for self-defense? I literally need answers.

At the end of the day, Black women hold each other down. We were not created to be used and abused by the incapable and ignorant.  Unfortunately, patriarchy itself has shown us nothing less of than the Black woman being the fixer, sex symbol or the understudy to the man. It's a sad reality that we live in, but stop looking at us to come through, give out our hugs and share our voices when they won't even be taken seriously by the trifling ass masses. Clinging on to the coattails of Black women's ambition for change ain't it.

Stop relying on Black Women and save yourself.