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In 2008, I was highly aware that having a FLOTUS by the name of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama from the southside of Chicago would inspire me beyond belief and that inspiration would transcend for years to come. Our former first lady has continued to encourage this nation with her poise, intelligence and candor. For me, a fellow Black girl from Chicago, her words continuously drive me to use my voice, advocate for my community and "go high" amid adversity.

There is no doubt that Michelle Obama, like most Black women, continues to challenge the world around us and be the leader we so desperately need. Her impact was no different during her 2020 Democratic National Convention speech on Monday. At a time when we are facing two pandemics — of disease and injustice — and failed political leadership, Michelle Obama's stirring speech gave viewers the "cold hard truth" this country needed to hear. Here are five powerful takeaways: