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Here's Why Food Truck Owner Has People Excited About More Than Just His Food

Now this is what you call creative.

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Sherron A. Stevens is a 21-year-old college student from Columbus, Ohio whose entrepreneurial spirit is taking him on a new adventure. Stevens, who is already an author of two books and the founder of a successful mobile Auto detailing service, is launching a food truck that will give customers a one of a kind experience, and not just because of the food. The food truck he plans to launch is called the Bondfire Grill, and it has that name for a reason. 

In addition to food, the Bondfire Grill will sell the whole bonfire experience. The hope of the food truck is to bring people to a centralized area for an unintentional bonding experience. If you've ever actually been to a bonfire, you know what comes with it. Laughing, singing, storytelling, talking, chilling, etc. That is what Stevens wants to give the people with this venture. 

In addition to the bonding experience, he plans to have home cooked meals. His create-your-own style menu would include BBQ pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, BBQ baby back ribs or sweet meatball sandwiches. With sides such as baked mac n’ cheese, bacon potato casserole, baked beans and buttered garlic string beans. Each plate would be served with a warm piece of honey cinnamon buttered cornbread. Now, that's what I'm talking about because we all know black folks love bonding over a good meal!

Not only will he have great food and a great experience, everything will be done for a great cause. A percentage of his sales each month will go back into a community-based organization, whether that is a homeless shelter or any other organization that helps fight a cause. Each month, the community will vote on the organization in which the sales would be disbursed.

If you'd like to help Stevens with this venture, or just to learn more, you can visit his GoFundMe page.

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