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Stacy Brown-Philpot named CEO of TaskRabbit

The culture in Silicon Valley is slowly shifting, with more Black women becoming decision makers. Thursday, Stacy Brown-Philpot was named CEO of TaskRabbit. Available virtually and in 19 cities, the San Francisco company pairs individuals needing a service with individuals (taskers) willing to get the job done. Think of it as a squad to complete your to-do list. Brown-Philpot, named Fortune's 2015 '40 Under 40' list, is known to get the job done. She was named Chief Operating Officer of TaskRabbit in 2013. “I deserve this job and I am going to take the opportunity to lead,” said Brown-Philpott in response to the news. “I am in the job I want to be in now.” After joining Google in 2003, Brown-Philpot quickly joined the ranks as executive, and served as senior director of global consumer operations for the tech giant, in addition to serving on the HP Inc. board. Brown-Philpot will replace TaskRabit founder, Leah Busque who is stepping down for a more active role as executive chairwoman. "Over the past three years, Stacy has helped TaskRabbit evolve the platform, launch in international markets and recruit talent at all levels of the company. Since she joined three years ago, we’ve more than doubled revenue every year (16x), added operations in ten additional markets (including our first international market in London) and helped Taskers increase their earnings by more than 200%. Her reputation is well-deserved," said Busque in a blog post about the announcement. This is not your everyday news. Brown-Philpot's promotion is actually a pretty big deal. Blacks are at the opposite end of the spectrum in Silicon Valley with low representation, especially in leadership positions.
Photo: CNN Money   It goes without saying, tech companies in Silicon Valley are largely dominated by men. To have a woman, a Black woman to be exact, calling the shots is leaps and bounds ahead of where the global technology industry stood some 10 years ago, even five, in terms of diversity. We're extremely excited to see Brown-Philpot's progress, which will ultimately lead toward a step in the right direction for future Black girl tech innovators.

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