All Rise‘s Simone Missick is thrilled at the show’s fans being able to finally witness the fruits of their labor–a new season of the former CBS show at OWN.

In an upcoming episode of Shadow and Act’s Opening Act, Missick spoke with S&A’s Managing Editor Trey Mangum about what it’s like to bring the series’ third season to fans.

“It is so exciting. It feels like it’s the first season even though we’re going into the third. Everyone at OWN is super excited for the show. They’re super supportive. We couldn’t have asked for better partners,” she said. “OWN is very woman-centered, Black woman-centered. This show has always been about telling stories about…women and people of color. Also, it’s a show that’s not similar to anything that they have ever had.”

She said she's curious as to how the series' built-in audience will meld with OWN's core audience.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how our audience then fits with their audience,” she said. “We’ve got some extremely loyal Risers [All Rise fans]…who wrote letters and petitions and texted and tweeted every day.”

“To be able to give them this show back is such a blessing to also see people message me every day [who write], ‘I’ve just binge-watched this show for the first time’…and to know that tomorrow, they’ll able to see the whole season,” she continued.

Missick also called the fan campaign to save the show "mindblowing."

“I think we have a fanbase that is surprising. We typically think of social media as a young person’s platform, but it’s the mamas and the grandmamas who are adamantly, daily messaging and writing and petitioning and signing petitions,” she said. “We all do work that you hopefully love but you never know how it connects with people. I feel like our fans span age ranges, country locations, cultural background and identities all over the board.”

Catch the full interview next week when the episode drops.

All Rise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on OWN.